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Which one is the most famous sites – Facebook, Orkut, Google, Yahoo, MSN, bing? But as a community site everyone will agree with me that Facebook is best. Facebook has some privacy policy. According to Facebook policy, if you want to open an account in Facebook you must be 18 or 18+.

Sometime we are in trouble when we see that someone breaks our privacy. For example, someone sees full profile information but he is not your Facebook friend. Also some unknown person sees your family album without your notice. But you can solve all Facebook problems by adding some privacy.

You can do all these by changing privacy settings.

 Separate Group For Facebook Friends

You can make separate groups for your Facebook friends. If you have lots of friends you can make different groups – School Friends, College Friends, Office Friends, Family friends etc. You can also add your friends in Limited Profile. You can do all these in Edit Friends in Accounts. Then click Create New List.

Stop Facebook Search Result

Anyone can find you in Facebook Search by searching your name. (if you have Facebook account). If you don’t want to find you in Facebook Search you can stop this option. You can also avoid showing your Network Groups.  You can do this in Account - Facebook Privacy Settings – Facebook Search Results. Then select Only Friends.

Stop Google Search List

When we try to search with someone’s name in Goggle sometimes you will see full Facebook profile of that particular person. So it breaks your privacy. You can stop this Google search option by going to Privacy Setting page & uncheck Public Search Results.

Avoid Tagging/Tag

Tag is the most popular among the Facebook users. When someone Tag others private picture all Facebook users immediately see the Tagged picture. It is embarrassing sometime. To disable this option from Privacy Settings set Only Me in Photos Tagged of You. So no one can add your picture anymore.

Adjust Privacy Settings in Photo Album

Most of Facebook users don’t want to share family pictures with others. When you upload pictures you can customize Picture privacy whom you want to show or whom you don’t want to show.

Restrict News Feed

If you don’t want to share all your update feeds, you can customize share privacy.

Control Application Settings Update

We regularly become new member of new applications or become new fan of different fan club. When these application page are updated it has shown in the profile page. Sometimes it is embarrassing. You can change this option from Applications & Websites from Privacy Settings.

Change Contact Information Privacy

You can control showing all contact information to others – IM Screen Name, Only Friends, Mobile Phone, Only Me, Other Phone, Only Friends, Current Address, Only Friends, Website,           
Hometown etc. You can do this in contact information from Privacy Settings.

Control Wall Post

If you don’t want to see others message in your wall, you need to go Privacy Settings. Choose Profile Information. Uncheck Allow Friends to Post On My Wall.

Block Unknown Person

If you want to break Facebook relation with any friend , just go to Block List (Account – Privacy Settings) & add there his name & e-mail id.

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