Safe PC & Internet Data

  • Never put regular updated software in C:/
  • Always backup important files. So if you lose any file you will recover it from backup files.
  • If you have many important data put them in CD/DVD. You can also use external HD
  • If you are Internet user, use e-mail as backup files. It will be safe than any other.
  • Don’t click “yes” in others PC when you see this message ‘Do you want this PC remember your Username & Password’.
  • Avoid using same password in all sites – blog, e-mail, forum, download sites etc. Because passwords have great effect in hacking.
  • Don’t open important sites with your password in others PC or cyber café.
  • When you use others PC for browsing be careful when you close the site. Use log off for safety. If you don’t use log off option your site privacy will be hampered by others.\
  • Check e-mail auto-forward option. Sometimes e-mail goes to unknown person from your mail without your notice.
  • If you get any mail from any unknown mail id don’t think that that mail id knows you. Try to ignore that mail.
  • Finally try giving less personal information in net.
Be safe & sound using net. If you have any other suggestion please add them in comment box.
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