Get Old Benefit in New Firefox

Mozilla Firefox has lots of add-on programs. If you use latest version 3.5 of Mozilla you will find problem with the old add-ons. These old add-ons don’t support newer version of Mozilla. For example ,google gear ,google toolbar etc. Recently Google updated these add-ons. But there are still some add-ons which are in old version. They still don’t support new Mozilla brouser.

Here is a tips by which you can solve this problem.

If you close “Extension checking”of Firefox these old add-ons will work. For this open a new tab. Write " about:config " then press enter. A warning will appear I’ll careful ,I promises. Click it. Now right click of mouse anywhere of brouser From Menu-New-click Boolean. Now write extension. Check Compatibility in New Boolean Value box. Now install desired add-ons & restart Firefox. If you find problem installing add-ons download it from other browser then install it in Firefox

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  1. I never realized it could be used like that. Nice tips indeed.

    By the way, Firefox 3.5 is no longer recent version of Firefox. Already 3.6 is available!

  2. Yes you right. So enjoy old add-ons in your new Firefox version


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