Speed Up PC

  • Never install unimportant software
  • When your work finishes, uninstall those software

  • Use Disk Defragmenter in every week

  • Use a certified antivirus & update it at a regular basis. Don't use more than one antivirus

  • Delete unimportant files from folders. To do this go to Folder option/view/hide protected. Check box of Operating System File. Then go to any drive. You will see a folder name System volume information. Open the folder. Delete all files except change.log

  • Type %temp% in Start/run. Click OK. You will see lots of folders & files in the search result. Delete all. Now go to Windows/temp. Delete all temporary files.

  • Every drive must have 15% blank space

  • Every disc, pen drive whatever you insert in PC must check with an antivirus before open. 
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  2. These are very nice tips for PC Tune Up. Works fine.


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