The Social Network – Facebook

Today I’ll explore some interesting statistics of Facebook.
  • Facebook started with the help of Paypal organizer Peter Thiel. He donated $5,00,000.
  • Every month at least 40 crore people enter facebook for once
  • 70% of Facebook users live outside USA
  • Facebook users can express their thought in 70 languages
  • 50% people of Denmark have Facebook accounts
  • Facebook ranked 2nd among the most visited website
  • In the year 2006 Yahoo wanted to buy facebook with $100 crore. In the year 2009 Facebook estimated value $400 crore. At present Facebook value is $790-$1100 crore
  • Monthly Facebook users pass 83 crore hour in Facebook.
  • Average friend 130
  • Active program 5,50,000+
  • Facebook need 10,000 server to run its site
Server costs $10 crore.
  • The most Facebook users of USA are Age Over 55(women)
  • The Psychiatrist gave Facebook addiction name Facebook Addiction Disorder
  • Australian court use Facebook to publish notice
  • Facebook earn through advertise & business 
$15 crore (2007)
$30 crore (2008)
$50-70 crore (2009)
$100 crore (2010)

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