Virus Alert

  • Check with anti virus attached file before downloading from email
  • If you find many files / folders are affected with virus try to clean them with anti virus  software. If these virus affected files cann’t be cleaned you have two options either you can delete these files or make them quarantine. Quarantine files cann’t spread virus.
  • Check all external drives with anti virus– floppy disk, CD, external HD, Pen drive. If your anti virus has auto check option enable it.
  • Regular update anti virus software & after completing check all Hard Drives immediately.
  •  In same operating system don’t use different anti virus softwares.
  • Sometimes when you check PC with new anti virus software you will find virus.  But if you check with another anti virus software you will not get virus. So its good to check with different anti viruses. If you want to check your PC with different anti viruses first check it with your own anti virus then uninstall it & install other anti virus.   

    If you know any other anti virus tips add it in comment section.
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