Log in Facebook from Another Account

Facebook – what can I say about it. At present it is the most famous community sites. I guess you know better than me. It has so many options to explore.

It has some unique features which you will not find in other community sites. You can log in Facebook from Google, Yahoo or with any other open id.

To enable this option Log in with your Facebook id. Go to Accounts Settings. From Linked accounts click Add a new Linked Account. Now add any Id by which you want to log in Facebook. & click link new Account. If you want to open Facebook with gmail id from new window Log in with gmail id & click allow. By this way you can add as many Ids you like to add. If you enter in Facebook with these new Ids you can’t automatically sign out or log out. 
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  1. I do not know what it is about facebook I keep going on it, maybe it is the odd familiar face who i have dealt with in real life

  2. Facebook is the most popular community site. Try to explore it. You will get most benefit from it. Thx for sharing your thought


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