Use Several Fonts in a Single File

For writing we regularly use Microsoft Word. Sometimes we need to use several fonts in a single document at the same time. It is boring & takes time to select different fonts. Suppose you like to use English fonts - "Times New Roman, Monotype Corsvia & Garamond". You will find difficult to change them constantly.
But here is a tips by which you can use all fonts by a single click. You need to add your favourite fonts as a shortcut in the toolbar. It will give you less time to change fonts.
Open Microsoft Word. Right click of mouse over menu bar or Toolbar. Select Customize. Then click Commands tab. You will see two boxes side by side – categories & commands. In categories box if you click fonts you will all fonts preview in Commands box.
Now select your favourite fonts from Command box, drag them & put anywhere in menu bar or toolbar (Drag n Drop). Follow the same steps as many fonts you like to add in tool bar.
You will see all shortcut fonts name in tool bar. Now navigate easily your desired fonts.
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