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mobile batteries
  • Charge of mobile phone depends on mah(mili – amp - hour). If mah of battery is high you need to charge longer, if  mah of battery is low charge for less time.. If the charge indicator shows red light stop charging immediately.
  • Never charge mobile phone for more than 2 hours. Avoid charging mobile for whole night.
  • During charge put charger pin in the mobile pin hole cautiously & carefully. Don’t put force. It will break pin.
  • After charge if the mobile does not function, switch off then again switch on.
  • Switch off the power before opening battery.
  • Use correct charger for charging battery.
  • Never give charge for longer time or less time. It will damage battery.
  • If your battery is made of lithium-ion or lithium-ion-polimer charge it when the battery has 25% charge.
  • For new batteries follow the instructions:
Nicle-metal-hydride battery – 6-8 hours
Lithium-ion – 3-4 hours
Lithium-ion-polimer – 2-3 hour

  • If mobile phone indicator shows full charge never charge at that time.
  • If you don’t speak with mobile for 1-2 week, first full charge the battery then open battery from mobile set & put it in a safe place. Otherwise, your battery will be damaged.
  • When battery charges finish open the charger plug from socket. Don’t attach charger plug all time in socket. 
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